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There are various fundings that schools can tap on to purchase our quality programmes. A wide selection Vivarch’s enrichment programmes are endorsed for co-funding by various national bodies and organizations. With such endorsements and available fundings, schools can look forward to stretching their funds to benefit their students for a holistic learning in their formative years.

The Tote Board Arts Grants subsidises arts education programmes under the National Arts Council’s Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) with the aim of promoting arts appreciation amongst students. Under this scheme, schools are entitled to 50% co-funding by NAC for our endorsed programmes. Each Primary and Secondary school will be given $15,000 per year for the year of 2011. Institute of Techincal Education (ITEs) enjoy $50,000 per year. Special education schools will receive $3,000 in curriculum year of 2011 and can subsidise purchases at up to 70% of programme cost. Learn more about NAC-AEP →

The Singapore Sports Council’s grants can be used by schools to subsidise 50% of the cost of sports and movement programmes endorsed under Sports Education Programmes (SEP). This grant can only be used for SEP endorsed programmes and is only applicable to schools which have opted in for the SEP fund. Each school that opts in enjoys $10,000 per year. Questions about SEP →

The Arts and Music Instructors Scheme (AMIS) was launched by Ministry of Education with the aim to provide primary schools with external Art and Music practitioners to complement their teachers in the delivery of the curriculum. By tapping on the AMIS funding given to primary schools, external vendors help to enrich the students in art, music, visual art, dance etc and aesthetics is taken to another level.

The Ministry of Education’s push towards transforming teaching and learning created an initiative called the Programme for Active Learning (PAL). PAL provide pupils with early exposure to different activities that complement schools’ current efforts in developing character and useful life-skills. To facilitate the conduct of quality PAL activities by vendors such as Vivarch Enrichment Group, schools can tap on the funding available. Each school is granted up to $170,000 per year to hire instructors and trainers, as well as a one-off sum of up to $90,000 for the purchase of equipment for Art, Music, Physical Education (PE) and PAL activities. This fund is especially for Primary 1 and 2 students to give them a head start in performing arts, visual art, outdoor education and sports. Learn more about PAL →

The list of fundings available is non-exhaustive. To help you navigate and cull through the possible co-fundings that is best suited to your school’s projects and needs, call our consultant who will be able to help you make a good sense of it all.

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