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Introductory Drama Exposure Camp in English and Chinese

Star Drama Boot Camp (in collaboration with 丰华站)

Need help to excite participants and leave them desiring more for the dramatic arts? Through a three day programme, participants will get a taste of what drama has to offer. In collaboration with Feng Hua Zhan 丰华站, participants will get to explore the dramatic arts not only with the English language, but also in Chinese.

This programme will not only expose participants to the world of Dramatic Arts, it aims to pique participants’ interest in the dramatic arts form through fun filled theatre activities structured to provide maximum exposure. This taster programme can also help determine how receptive and interested participants are to the performance form.


Participants will be able to:

  • Explore their dramatic potential through theatre games and activities
  • Develop confidence in themselves
  • Understand the basic of performance
  • Understand the difference between theatre and TV acting

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