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Chinese Language Post Exams Programme


Chinese Language Post Exam Programme is a short-team experiential programme provided by Feng Hua Zhan.

It aims to improve participants’ Chinese Language ability through difference platforms, such as Chinese Cultural Activities, Chinese Media Arts, Performing Arts, and fun Chinese Academic Training. With the different topics of activities, participants will develop their understanding of Chinese Language as well as the value of using Mandarin.

The participants would develop an awareness of teamwork.

Participants will be able to

  • Improve Chinese Language ability
  • Develop self confidence
  • Develop basic skills in the different performance arts
  • Experience the joy of expression in practicing Mandarin

Call our Education Consultants now and let Vivarch Enrichment Group work together with you to deliver the Chinese Language Post Exams Programme in your school. Call our zone consultants for more information.

特别推荐《中秋嘉年华》Mid-autumn Festival





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