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Le Vine Connections - Learning Journey

Le Vine Connections specialise in broadening and enriching every participant’s life journey. Connecting our participants to the world, and bridging the world’s participants to Singapore. Every journey with us is definitely enlivening, enriching, empowering, engaging and absolutely unforgettable!

Our Learning Journeys will always enrich the seven senses. A multi-disciplinary, experiential approach, for a richer and more impactful journey. It will not only impact the head, heart and hands, but also the sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Learning and absorbing the different vibrant cultures from different nations in ASEAN, learning life skills beyond your own culture and lifestyle, inspiring each participant to go beyond their boundaries and excel to become the best that they can be.

Programmes are customisable and can be curriculum based with local immersions and community service.

Our overseas journeys will include community service where participants learn about humility, compassion and world issues. These could be life-changing, inspiring and integral to personal growth.