Welcome to Vivarch Enrichment Group of Companies



Vivarch Enrichment Group has 12 integrated enterprises comprising leading brands specialising in a holistic approach towards enrichment programmes, whilst still keeping in line with the Ministry of Education’s directions and visions.

Vivarch’s programmes nurture individuals of all levels by providing them with a holistic exposure and appreciation of the arts, increased productivity and global competitiveness through education and technology, fitness and well-being through sports and personal development and self-realisation through life skills.

Our enterprise consists of the following creative entities, providing the below mentioned array of programmes:


Artelier has made its outreach of visual arts programmes to numerous schools from primary to tertiary, through the curriculum and CCA. Our Programme Directors have delved deep into the wide world of visual arts and crafted up to 40 programmes in tota

Dance Atelier

Dance Atelier promotes contemporary dances, having pioneered the first tambourine dance programme in 1998. It has since then become a popular choice of dance in numerous schools.


Drama is a universal form of expression across cultures and has long been regarded as a powerful tool with profound positive effects on an individual’s social, emotional and physical development. Dramaestro’s direction with its myriad of programmes is developed on these beliefs and focuses on benefiting individuals in life overall.


The diverse disciplines of art, design and media have converged to offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary entity – Epitomedia. Artworks created using this medium range from animation and digital fine arts to photography and interactive arts. Such an approach fosters individual exploration and innovative thinking – exactly what Epitomedia embodies.

Feng Hua Zhan

丰华站是Vivarch Enrichment Group 旗下的一间专业的华语教育机构。我们的课程旨在帮助提高学生们华语的语言能力、动手能力、表演能力等。通过我们的悉心指导、学生们将会对华文产生兴趣、对华族文化、传统华族艺术、新闻媒体、表演等学科有更加深入的理解。让华文不仅仅体现在课文中、更活生生地体现在他们日常生活中。

Le Vine Connections

Le Vine Connections specialise in broadening and enriching every participant’s life journey. Connecting our participants to the world, and bridging the world’s participants to Singapore. Every journey with us is definitely enlivening, enriching, empowering, engaging and absolutely unforgettable!

Life Champs

Life Champs is not about being ‘when’, rather it is about being ‘now’, where the past should be put aside so that the potentials of each single individual will be maximized that that his/ her future will be bright.


Music is a universal language to be shared and enjoyed by all, and it transcends all boundaries. Musicon’s mantra is in sync with this and is instilled in everything we do.


Out-of-the-box mentality; Stand strong amidst adversities “Outdoor Education is a means of achieving the Desired Outcomes of Education through guided direct experience in the outdoors,” Ministry of Education, Outdoor Education website In line with Ministry of Education direction, Outstandor aims to achieve the objectives that programmes must be interesting, creative, fun, and with the essence…


Passionista provides holistic and creative industrial based programs for our students. We are dedicated to helping students ignite their passion in realising their potential through our various hands on modules.

Sports First

Sports First is a multi faceted sports provider which not only cultivates the sportsmanship of an individual but also focuses on character development. Participation in sports helps young individuals build a sound body but also prepares them with a sound mind in the values which they will learn.

Studio Wu

Dance is an art form that seeks to provide a multitude of benefits in the aesthetic, intellectual and physiological development of an individual. In answering to this call, Studio Wu has been at the forefront, reaching out to schools through its cutting edged street style dance programmes.