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Featured Programmes

Chinese Language Post Exams Programme

Chinese Language Post Exam Programme is a short-team experiential programme provided by Feng Hua Zhan.

“Made In Singapore” Music Series

Call our Education Consultants now and let Vivarch Enrichment Group work together with you to deliver the Ethnic Percussion Programmes in your school.

Primary Post Exams Programme

Let Vivarch Enrichment Group and our brand companies be part there with your Primary School students this post examination.

Secondary Schools & JC Post Exams Programme

Let Vivarch Enrichment Group and our brand companies be part there with your students the post exams period. We have a range of exciting workshops that could get your students to unwind, acquire a skill and bond with their friends.

Introductory Drama Exposure Camp in English and Chinese

Through a 3-day programme, students will get a taste of what drama has to offer in both English and Chinese language.

PAL Drama Programme 2014 with Dramaestro

For 2014, Dramaestro introduces 3 exciting themes that will capture your students’ imagination by using dramatic arts to explore and learn through play.

Creative Writing Skills and Presentation Skills (Drama-based)

This programme will expose students to dramatic arts and have a hands on experiential learning writing, dramatising and directing their works.

SEP Programmes for 2014/15 with Sports First

With a $10,000 dollar-to-dollar matching, the SEP funding allows schools to take up sports programmes from an endorsed list offered by Sports First for 2014 and 2015.

A Musical Star Holiday Workshop

The musical theatre workshop is helmed by Vivarch Enrichment Group aims to provide a holistic programme towards Drama incorporating Music and Dance.

School Holiday Programme Musical Theatre

Chinese Language & Culture Post Exams Programme

In delivering Chinese language and culture programmes, the post exams activities are dedicated to helping student ignite their passion by realizing their potential through our various hands-on modules and academic and drama modules.