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Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others!

Creativity and art are key contributors to a child’s development and Artelier aims to do just that and more, with its comprehensive selection of visual arts programmes

True to Tradition

Dance Atelier promotes contemporary dances, having pioneered the first tambourine dance programme in 1998 and through the years, have developed more inspiring programmes

Color Your Life!

Dramaestro is committed to realising Singapore’s vision to create a vibrant and rich performing arts culture and aims to cultivate and nurture individuals passionate in the arena of drama

Pushing the Boundaries of Interaction

The diverse disciplines of art, design and media have converged to offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary entity – Epitomedia

Where Martial Arts Meet

Jin Wucademy bears the mission to enrich and impact today’s youth and to be a place where martial arts are learned purely for fitness in a safe and fun way

Banking on Human Capital

LeVine Connection understands the importance of providing the appropriate individuals to meet the fast paced and ever changing workplace economy

Beyond Success

Life Champs develops the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. Appropriately crafted and delivered to realize the full potential of an individual

Sharing a universal language beyond boundaries

Music is a universal language to be shared and enjoyed by all, and it transcends all boundaries. Musicon’s mantra is in sync with this and is instilled in everything we do

Experience the Great Outdoors

Outstandor focuses on experiential learning in the outdoor environment with adventure and leadership camps as well as team building leverage on improving problem solving skills and enhancing teamwork

Nurturing Talents, Developing Skills, Planning a Career

Providing holistic and creative industrial based programs for our students, Passionista is dedicated to helping students ignite their passion in realising their potential through our various hands-on modules

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Sports First is a multi faceted sports provider which not only cultivates the sportsmanship of an individual but also focuses on character development

Revolutionising Dance

Studio Wu has been at the forefront, reaching out to schools through its cutting edge street style dance programmes

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Chinese Language Post Exams Programme

Chinese Language Post Exam Programme is a short-team experiential programme provided by Feng Hua Zhan.

“Made In Singapore” Music Series

Call our Education Consultants now and let Vivarch Enrichment Group work together with you to deliver the Ethnic Percussion Programmes in your school.

Introductory Drama Exposure Camp in English and Chinese

Through a 3-day programme, students will get a taste of what drama has to offer in both English and Chinese language.